Wednesday 10th April 2019

Pro Broadcaster Systems Maintenance, scheduled 2 years ago

Please be advised that beginning Friday 4/12/19 and ending Sunday 4/14/19 we will be performing a needed rolling software upgrade on the Live365 Pro streaming servers. This upgrade is needed to allow for the introduction of future new features. In order to perform this software upgrade, we need to restart each streaming server. These restarts will be performed during off-peak hours (after 11pm ET). Due to the redundant nature of Live365 Pro's streaming setup, we can perform maintenance with minimal impact on your stations. Streaming will remain available during the reboots via other servers in the Live365 Pro streaming cluster. Each server will be removed from our load balancer 48 hours prior to its restart so that listeners can move to another server. Therefore, only the small percentage of listeners who stick to a particular server will be disconnected when the restarts are performed.