Saturday 6th April 2019

Broadcaster Network layer issues at West Coast data center

Update 9:35 PM ET - Thanks for your patience while we could not access our status dashboard to update. It happens to be hosted inside of the data center which was having network hardware issues. They have swapped out a data center router which was responsible for getting Live365's traffic in and out to the Internet. We confirmed with them that our machines were up and running the entire time that we could not contact them. The data center reports "The replacement router has been reloaded and is currently stable. Our network engineers are continuing to investigate the root cause."

We really appreciate your understanding and patience during this situation that was beyond our control. We don't know how many other providers were affected by this, but this data center provides co-location for many service providers other than Live365.

At 8:04 PM, our data centers in the West Coast of the U.S. began experiencing network layer issues which prevented anyone from getting to the Live365 Broadcaster network.. Our Engineering team was alerted immediately and began investigating and working with the data center. Once their network connections were restored to the Internet, we were able to see that our server clusters were running just fine the whole time, but could not reach out to anyone. The data center partner hosts services for many companies and this interruption is not isolated to Live365. We all strive for consistent uptime, but there are many things that can impact the infrastructure of the Internet that are outside of our control. This dashboard will be updated as we learn more. Thank you for your continued patience!