Saturday 12th January 2019

Broadcaster Broadcaster Partial Interruption

Update 12:35 PM ET All stations across the Live365 Broadcaster network appear to now be experiencing consistent streaming through their stations and players. We'll continue to monitor the situation and are putting in an enhanced redundancy plan for balancing out server workloads during this type of incident.

11:45 AM ET- The teams are putting all of the servers fully back into Production, and workloads will now be distributed across all of the streaming servers. Our Stations and their Listeners should be hearing a more consistent stream over the next 30 minutes.

11:10 AM - Our Engineering team is waiting on the recovery process to finish processing before the affected servers are brought back online again. We're continuing to shift traffic to our healthy servers to keep as many streams running as possible. We will continue to keep you updated here as this issue nears resolution.

10:20 AM - We've seen some improvements with streaming out, but the affected servers remain in recovery mode. During this phase, the servers generate a "dump" file for analyzing and cannot be interrupted. Again, we're dedicating more resources to the healthy servers which are picking up the workload of the affected ones so that streaming can continue for as many stations as possible. Thank you for your continued patience!

9:50 AM - Our Engineering team is working to bring the affected servers back online. The other healthy servers are picking up the workload, but streaming remains intermittent (with a buffering, choppy kind of sound). Rest assured, this is our top priority at this time and will be resolved as quickly as possible.

9:35 AM ET- At 9:20 AM ET, we started to receive reports from some of our broadcasters that their stations were not streaming out as expected. We are not seeing any immediate causes, and our engineering team has been notified. This seems to be impacting a small segment of our stations, and the station manager software appears to be working normally. We are actively investigating and will keep everyone updated here. Thank you for your patience.