Friday 29th January 2021

Streaming Network Live365 data center partner outage

Update: 12:25 PM ET - The data center reports that they have resolved the issue with their network and distribution. We do not yet have a given cause for this incident from them, but their teams are giving this their full attention. Things have been stable from our end, so we're issuing the All Clear notice for this outage at this time.

At 11:29 AM ET, one of our primary data center partners experienced a network layer outage. Our monitoring systems alerted us immediately, and we've been investigating. It appears as if listener traffic may been impacted 3 to 5 minutes. Our servers which host your streams and stations were continuing to run while their data center network was not distributing our services to your listeners.

Our engineering team has partnered directly with them, and we'll issue an All Clear as soon as we have confirmation that things have stabilized. Thanks!