Tuesday 13th October 2020

Broadcaster Live365 LiveDJ/Encoder Issues

Over the last 45 minutes, some of our stations began experiencing issues with their encoders connecting to their Live365 Dashboard. This is only affecting our customers who use their own automation programs or encoders to drive their Live365 station.

Our Engineering team has been investigating since we first started getting reports. We're not seeing this across the entire Live365 network. Only some of our customers are affected by this, and we're working hard to isolate and resolve the issue.

As a workaround, you can fall back to AutoDJ, Playlist or ClockWheel modes to keep your stream running. This is a key function of the Live365 software, and will keep your listeners hearing audio while your encoder is unable to connect. We expect this to be fully resolved shortly.

** Update 4:30 PM ET This issue has been resolved. We have identified an issue and our engineers were able to fix it quickly. Thank you for your patience!