Monday 28th September 2020

Broadcaster Live365 Dashboard - Scheduler - Events not showing for some stations

Update - 7:30 AM ET : This issue has been resolved. It was a visual front end bug, and no scheduled events were affected. We're sorry for the inconvenience that this caused, as we know it's very important to be able to see your scheduled events and work with the Scheduler. Our Development team is taking steps to ensure this is avoided in the future.

Earlier this afternoon, we began investigating some customer reports of their events not showing up on the Scheduler in the Live365 Dashboard software. What we found is that there is a visual bug which is blocking the events from being rendered on the front end. The events are actually still present and will play out as expected. No action is needed on your end, as the events were not deleted from the back end. They are just not being displayed consistently across all stations and all Scheduler views.

Our Development team has been working to resolve this, and we appreciate our customers who have reported this. It seems to be caused by a pending update to the Scheduler code overall. We're working to roll back the changes in advance of this larger update so that full functionality can be restored. We thank you for your patience!