Monday 25th May 2020

Support & Knowledgebase Ticket portal upgrades

Over the weekend, while working on projects leading up to the next migration of stations to our new software, we disabled the capability to reply to tickets from inside of the Broadcaster station dashboard. As we are also getting things ready for switching to a new help desk software, we needed to turn this feature off for now.

Normally, you would go to Help, Tickets, and then Reply to a ticket conversation. Until we connect everything back up, you will want to use your email account instead. All of our tickets exist in your email account as threaded conversations, so this is an easy workaround.

  • If you need to open a new ticket, simply email us at from your email service.
  • If you need to reply to an existing ticket, just send us an email at with the subject or ticket number, and we will pick up the conversation through email.

Thanks for your patience!